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My journey to technology

“Computers, software, applications, staring at the screen all day long, not my jam. I got a life I am not spending on that". I claimed. Little did I know that I would end up on the very field. I wasn’t a techie, nor a STEM enthusiast and had other plans, but life dumped me into an engineering college. So now, I am an Undergraduate Software Engineering Student, and here’s my journey into the tech world.

After graduating through SLC, high school in Science, and a good year invested in self. I got admitted to Nepal College of Information Technology in 2016 as a software engineering student. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing in college. I found out I wasn’t alone; my people have stories similar, with their own twists. Only a few being genuinely interested in technology and others for the sake of a degree, we came together as a class of 2020.

The beginning days were an actual struggle. Getting started with programming, understanding the terms, even the computer was painful. But the more I spent my time I grew ambitious. I wanted to reach great heights, but reality hit one by one in the form of errors and bugs, it's frustrating. I had fewer people to seek help and more on my plate than I could endure. For a curious mind, not being able to solve a problem hits, either way. You like exploring, and the rush of solving a problem provides you with a sense of pleasure. And the other being you get bored, you get too tangled with no way out and eventually let it be. I’ve been through both. 

Engineering taught me numerous things about life and living. It taught me decision-making the day I went with technology as a choice and sticking to that. My shift from an impulsive decision-maker to taking a step back for analyzing things before deciding has been a great deal.

Patience and dedication, as I patiently wait to mend my broken laptop, software, and program to run. With the passion I put in the work despite the hindrances, I learned hard work does pay off.

These things won't happen in a blink of an eye but take several sleepless nights.

Critical thinking, we are taught to see several aspects and rationally recognize the pros and cons of any work before starting, which led me to be a critical thinker.

Problem-solving, I can proudly claim, I have become a better problem solver. After years of dealing with a number of obstacles, I learned to tackle them, rather logically and avoid the possibility.

Pressure Handling, assessments, assignments, exams, projects, I have literally attained the power to work under pressure and not go crazy. Be it submitting assignments on the due date, or completing the syllabus a night before exams I found my way to getting along with the stress. 

It prepares you for failure. With multiple backlogs and re-exams, one gets lost in the loop. Then there are errors, bugs, failed programs, and so on, realizing that failure is a part of life. It is not a setback, but an opportunity for a comeback.

My journey so far has been a rollercoaster, for someone just starting and has a lot to catch up with, looking forward to more of the craziness in technology. Beginning with representation, fighting with biases, and making a place for myself in the field. I know I wished things differently, but as I walked this path, I found it to be more interesting. The possibilities are insane, and with a will to achieve, there is a lot this space has to offer you. You look sincerely, understand, use information, and every shining object can turn into gold.



Smritee Neupane

Guest Blogger

Hi, I am Smritee Neupane, a final year Software Engineering student at Nepal College of Information Technology. Apart from my passion for stories, I am equally a tech enthusiast and a writer. I like to analyze problems and resolve them, which makes me feel like a superhero.

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