STORY FROM September 10, 2021

Dear Self

I know that life hasn't been as smooth as you expected. You see, life is full of uncertainty, obstacles, and challenges. Not only that, you have to suffer in almost every step you take, every day. But what exactly is suffering? Stepping into this world itself is the beginning of suffering. When you had to struggle while stepping into this world itself, how could you expect life to pass with ease?

The only difference is, some struggle a little more, while some a little less. But a reminder: everyone has a problem in their own way. It's just that one's problem seems to be bigger than the other because you are the one living the problem/ suffering, not them. You always think that you're the only one who is suffering the most. But darling, you need to also remind yourself that everyone pretends to be living a happy life but cries within. Why? It's simply because society makes fun of people who cry. In addition to that, they depict that crying is a symbol of weakness and everyone wants to be acknowledged as being strong and confident. But I've got a question to ask all such people: Who cares about the headache behind the scene? Crying isn't a weakness at all! 

It's not your fault dear. It's our society who's at fault. Most people carry a sad face behind a happy face. The real mood of an individual can only be determined when he/ she is in the room alone. But who really cares? You, yourself have to take care of yourself, dear. 

I know that you've been feeling low and depressed lately. No one knows what you might be going through. Thanks to our already judgmental society, who doesn't even think once before passing a harsh comment or making fun! But, trust me! You are stronger than you think you are! 

There are almost 8 billion people in the world, each having their own personal problems. Haven't you seen people who are suffering more than you could ever imagine and not giving up? If yes, I'm sure you've been motivated not to give up as well. But if not, there are plenty of examples that you should know of! From differently-abled people to the ones who have lost all of their loved ones and have nothing left in life! Just think of how they're fighting against all those and still choosing to live? 

Remember, you are not only the one who's suffering. You aren't alone! Having suicidal thoughts and wanting to give up in the middle of the way is absolutely normal! But the majority of people do have the capacity to handle any pressure and you're one of them too! Besides, giving up will neither help you overcome the situation nor will make your loved ones happy. Think of your loved one before you get that thought again! Giving up isn't the solution at all dear! 

Don't you know that hard and off roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations? Similarly, all the hardships and obstacles placed in your way are only making you stronger and wiser. So, don't stop believing in yourself, don't give up, and even take a break if you need to. I know it's easier said than done but do you know what? You simply matter! Your existence matters! You may not realize the impact you're creating on someone else's life! You may not realize the importance of yourself sometimes and it's absolutely alright too! You have to believe in yourself because if you don't, who will? Be grateful for the life you have because there is someone out there who's praying to have even 1% of that! 

Your sufferings have taught you the most valuable life lessons that even your course books and teachers couldn't teach you. Life is indeed your greatest teacher and you ought to learn something new every day! You ought to keep negativity and harsh feelings aside and let in the light of positivity and love! Life is a precious gift, embrace it fully and live life graciously. You have your own goals and dreams which you always wanted to accomplish. But you want to give up on your life and dreams because of a few problems? You shouldn't jump, not at all. It's always one step at a time! You're more than those problems! You can overcome anything that comes as an obstacle to your life and dreams. 

Lastly, focus on your good karma rather than worrying about the results. Break the stereotypes of society and go accomplish your goals! Come on, if not you, then who? If not now, then when?! 



Written by: Mila Bajracharya

Edited by: Sisya Chitrakar



Mila Bajracharya

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