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Women in STEM Nepal jointly leading the project with the partnership of Open Knowledge Nepal (OKN), Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT), and Girls in Tech Nepal. The project audience is the 300 young women entrepreneurs of age group 20-50 years who are running various kinds of medium-sized enterprises from 5 provinces (Province 1, Province 2, Bagmati Pradesh, Gandaki Pradesh, Province 5) of Nepal covering 20 districts for the entrepreneurial capacity building and skills enhancement through online and in-person boot camps.

This project aims to make the data related to women entrepreneurs of Nepal easily accessible such that it supports new entrepreneurs and other existing stakeholders with resources for evidence-based decision-making. This will eliminate the costly need for market analysis and will act as a support mechanism. The project activities include the collection of all publicly available data on women entrepreneurship and policies, preparation of a report of findings stating the current status for women entrepreneurship (in terms of product/services and operating domain), underlying policies, and the factors affecting those, development of a web portal to disseminate these findings and data publically in an interactive fashion, hosting online/in-person boot camps and events to use the tools and resources created to uplift the activities in the region and releasing the results to stakeholders and to a general audience through multi-tiered in-person meetings, public announcements using social media and the internet, encouraging the data and evidence-based decision making for policies, and resource allocation.



Program Methods and Design



  • Feasibility Study: Study of national and international policies and resources that are somehow interlinked with women entrepreneurship of Nepal. Reach out to domain experts and civil societies organizations working in the field of consultation.
  • Development of resources and harvesting of existing data: Harvest and localize the existing data and resources related to women entrepreneurship, which can be presented through web portals and can also be used for the skill enhancement boot camps.
  • Organize online and in-person boot camps: Develop the skill enhancement Bootcamp module to train women entrepreneurship with data-driven decision-making skills to grow their business and organize both online and in-person boot camps in various parts of the country, especially targeting social minorities.
  • Create a support mechanism: Create a network of all reached stakeholders and participants for idea sharing and long-term support mechanisms.
  • Development of WEData Nepa portal: Aggregate all the information, data, and resources via a comprehensive WEData Nepal portal and circulate if openly, and encourage everyone to reuse the available resources to grow their business.


Future Funding or Sustainability

We will be focusing on these four approaches to guarantee the long term sustainability of this initiative:

  • Partnership with government: The various levels of partnerships will be done with local governments, civil society organizations, and supporters to ensure the sustainability of the web portal and resources developed during the project.
  • Ownership: The project beneficiaries can take ownership of the project to continue the engagement by sharing the knowledge and reusing the resources for other activities.
  • Service and support mechanism: Organizations and local entrepreneurs can be charged a certain minimum amount for training and resources. 
  • Seeking further funding: Additional funding from grant-making organizations will be sought simultaneously by researching potential grant sources, and staying updated from key partners for funding opportunities.


References: http://www.d4dnepal.org/2021/04/02/keeping-girls-in-steam-to-become-women-in-data/ 

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