Open data and Digital Literacy workshop

The one-day training workshop training was conducted by Women in STEM Nepal in partnership with Open knowledge Nepal at Simta, Surkhet, Karnali Province for youth with the local coordination with Social Awareness Nepal (SAC) Nepal and Simta Rural Municipality targeting the youths of Simta rural municipality on the occasion of Open data global celebrations. It was funded by The Asia Foundation along with Data for development, Development Initiatives in Nepal, and UKAID.


  • Aware the local youths regarding the benefits and use of evidence-based data and digital technology and decision making processes;

  • To enhance the data and digital literacy capacity of the youths of Simta rural municipality;

  • To brainstorm the prevailing social issues around their community;

  • To generate potential data-driven and digital solutions to those existing social issues;

  • To create networks of youths who can potentially further advocate open data in their community.

Fig: Representation of age group


  • To conduct three hours long data and digital technology workshop for the youths of Simta rural municipality;

  • To map existing social problems by conducting brainstorming activities using to find out the potential data-driven and digital solutions in a team.


Fig: Total participation by sex


Simta’s Rural Municipality Chairman Remarks

Mr. Kabindra Kumar K.C,  President of Simta Rural Municipality joined the training and he gave the remarks that “ As a naive user to Smartphones and devices, analog devices are handy for me. But I have to bear many drawbacks if I limit my use of Smartphones. Today's era is a digital world and data-driven, one has to learn it in order to excel in the workspace. I am therefore in the process of shifting myself and encourage everyone to do that."

He further added to engage the participants in the data collection in the upcoming census.

He thanked the organizers' contribution to this project since the rural municipality found the youths lagging in digital literacy. Even 40 % of participants, girls who haven't even seen a computer, have not learned the basics of computers, they have not learned how to use applications like MS Word, MS Paint, etc. They have not been taught how to use the internet, how to search for information on the internet. So I requested that you continue the second phase of the training.

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